Air conditioning unit reselling, maintenance and installation

Regular maintenance of AC units will ensure long life time of the unit. Postponing or canceling will have fast results – AC units will not work as intended and do not serve their purpose. Regular maintenance will have more lower costs than dealing with problems later.

Allar Needo

Sales manager

How often should I have to do AC unit maintenance?

AC units should be checked twice a year. Heating pumps should be checked before the heating period begins. The AC units should be maintained before the summer season begin. If this is not done in time, you will have to pay for the extra running costs.

Why use experts?

An experienced service technician who has the knowledge of the working principles and peculiarities of AC units should be the one doing maintenance work. Professionally executed maintenance work requires specific materials and tools for the job. Without proper equipment, it is not possible to offer a worthy service.

What are usually done during regular maintenance?

We check the sensors, ventilators and operating voltages.

Drain pipes check.

Evaporator check, filter wash or replacement, heat exchanger cleaning.

Freezer leak check, measurement of pressures.

While checking the outer parts we ensure that the device is installed properly, that it is clean and all important parts are working as they should.

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