Measuring and making adjustments to ventilation systems

The goal of well-maintained and adjusted ventilation systems is to improve the inner climate and increase the efficiency for energy savings. Ill maintained and adjusted systems will spend money that you could otherwise use somewhere else.

Aero Group LTD offers mapping and adjustment works to new and already in use buildings. We have long-term experience in the field of mapping and adjusting ventilation systems.

Ventilation mapping and adjusting is a precise work. Choose us, because our skills are approved by the Estonian accreditation center.

Aero Group LTD meets the requirements of  EVS-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017. Our accreditation certificate is L273

We offer mapping for different types of buildings in order to check the workings of the system, and to offer solutions for maintenance, re-building or addition to the existing system. The adjustment of airflow is based on the project. In the absence of fore mentioned project current laws and regulations are followed.

Why is it necessary to measure and adjust ventilation systems?

It will ensure nominal airflow.

Will keep the noise levels low.

Maximum efficiency and low cost bills.

Some of our largest projects.

Tallink Tennis Centre

Telia Eesti Headquarters

Eastman Specialties OÜ manufacturing building

Apartment building Kadaka pst. 146 Tallinn

Headquarters of Estonian Defence Forces

Sõpruse pst. 246 - Tallinn, renovation on apartment building

Veerise Kindergarten in Tallinn

Viimsi Business Center

Apartment building in Nacka, Sweden

Apartment building Paepargi 53 in Tallinn

Lasnamäe Health-Center

Barracks of NATO base in Tapa

Do you want to measure and adjust your ventilation systems?

We offer free consultation where we find out your needs and will put together a budget for regular maintenance.