Ventilation maintenance

In order to ensure the smooth operation of the ventilation system, regular maintenance is needed, because it is cheaper to keep things maintained and cleaned rather than getting them fixed all the time.

All the jobs that are required to keep the system operational as long as possible are all considered under regular maintenance.  It includes adjustment, fixing, cleaning and regular check-ups etc.

Allar Needo

Sales manager

What is being done under regular maintenance?

Verification and testing of automation and measurement devices. Adjustment to seasons and need.

Service of inlet and outlet motors and ventilators.

Connector check.

Shut-off valve check.

Filter maintenance, cleaning or replacement.

Heat exchanger maintenance.

Water and electricity meter maitenance.

Condensation drainage check and cleaning.

Check and cleaning of ventilation shafts and it parts.

Adjustment of airflow according to need.

Regularly maintained ventilation system will last longer and will keep the costs down for the owner.

Why trust this job to us?

We have more than 10 years of experience in maintenance.

We have the most advanced technology in Estonia.

We do regular maintenance for large industrial manufacturing company’s ventilation systems.

Are you looking for a ventilation maintenance?

We offer free consultation where we find out your needs and will put together a budget for regular maintenance.