Ventilation services for private estates

Regular maintenance, cleaning and service from experts in the field for your private residence.

Regular maintenance will ensure normal air circulation, removes excess moisture and unpleasant smells while improving the micro climate of the building

Fredy Lokotar

Project manager

Bad air conditions will show itself through different health issues such as headaches, tiredness, eye irritation etc. Research have showed that 50% of all illnesses are in direct correlation with bad indoor air quality, which contains all sorts of viruses and bacteria.

With regular maintenance you will lower the fire safety risks and obey the fire safety laws. Ill maintained ventilation will help the fire spread, do not take the risk!

Systems that see intensive use over the time period of 1-3 years gather up enough pollution that can ignite in case of a fire, which will help the spreading of the fire throughout the entire building.

Estonian rescue board is responsible for checking the regular maintenance and cleaning of the ventilation systems.

Regular measurements and adjustments will assure the normal airflow, maintains minimal noise level and will ensure maximal energy efficiency

Ill adjusted systems can lead to increased noise levels, irregular airflow and increased energy consumption. Incorrectly configured ventilation will burn money that you could use elsewhere.

Aero Group is equipped with all the devices, manpower and know-how needed to maintain ventilation systems. After each finished job, we will hand out a report where there are photos of the pluming and the whole system before and after the maintenance.  If needed, we would add a video from the inside of the ventilation shafts.

Measuring and adjusting of the ventilation system is a precise work, trust us with it, because we have all the skills and methods that are approved by the Estonian Accreditation Centre.


Why trust us with the ventilation services?


We have more than 10 years of experience in the field.

We have done more than 3000 maintenance work in different buildings in more than hundred kilometers of pipes.

Our measurements and adjustment skills and methods are approved by the Estonian Accreditation Centre.

We use the latest technology in Estonia.

We like to keep the work areas clean.

Are you looking into ways of how to improve the air quality in your private estate?

If you feel that full maintenance package too much for your building, then we can find an alternative solution.