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Air is one of our basic needs and because of that it is extremely important that the air is clean and with a high quality. In today’s consumer and production society we have to deal with air pollution problems which through breathable air have a big effect on our well-being and health.

Aero Grupp OÜ is a private company based on Estonian capital which was founded in year 2008. Because of our long experience we can certainly promise that our professional team and innovative equipment can offer our clients only the best quality and long term certainty.


OUR main fields of operation

Ventilation jobs:

– cleaning
– Maintenance
– Measuring
– projecting
– installation

Air conditioners:

– Maintanance
– Sales and installation

We use special and up-to-date equipment and work methods for performing our jobs.


Aero Grupp OÜ basic values are:

  • Modern knowledge and expert team
  • Up-to-date technologies and equipment
  • Firesproof and healthy indoor environment
  • Consideration of our clients wishes and possibilities
  • We keep our promises
  • High quality with reasonable price


We offer our services all over Estonia

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