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Ventilation works of renovated apartment buildings

We offer the construction and renovation of various ventilation systems for apartment buildings under renovation across Estonia.

As a result, the air quality in your apartment building improves, and the ventilation system meets modern requirements and standards.

Why is this necessary?

The ventilation systems of old apartment buildings cannot ensure standard and healthy air quality. The reason behind this is simple, when they built these houses, they didn’t use modern airtight double-glazed windows, and then the building was thinner, and the air passed through. After installing new windows, the building’s air quality began to suffer.

During the reconstruction of an apartment building, the construction of a new forced ventilation system is usually carried out, which improves the building’s air quality and brings it into line with modern standards, and ensures a healthy indoor climate and human living environment.

Today’s heat recovery ventilation system uses warm air that would otherwise be directed out of the building. As a result, the new ventilation systems are considerably more energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and efficient.

How do we do it?

The ventilation renovation is carried out according to the reconstruction projects. Generally, an exhaust or supply-exhaust unit with heat recovery is installed on the roof or basement.

Pipelines are installed on the roof, facade, and, if necessary, in the existing ventilation ducts. Both metal and plastic channels are used. Installation of new air distribution elements and other essential works are also carried out in each apartment.

In the case of using existing ventilation ducts, comprehensive studies and mapping are carried out in advance. Check out the service here.

We have over ten years of experience and have installed new ventilation systems in more than 40 apartment buildings.

Renovating the ventilation of apartment buildings differs in many ways from the construction of conventional ventilation because it requires work in different indoor and outdoor conditions; specific equipment and work methods are necessary to perform the work; since the work takes place while people live in the building, all employees must be polite and understanding when communicating with the apartment owners.


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