• Apartment association
  • Contractor

Ventilation works of renovated apartment buildings

We offer the construction and renovation of various ventilation systems for apartment buildings under reconstruction across Estonia.
  • Apartment association
  • Contractor
  • Engineers

Studies and mapping of ventilation in apartment buildings

We map the existing ventilation solution and prepare comprehensive documentation.
  • All ventilated buildings

Ventilation cleaning

Regular cleaning of the ventilation keeps the air clean and ensures fire safety.
  • Management company
  • Homeowner
  • Installer

Measurement and regulation of ventilation

Measuring and regulating ventilation saves money and ensures the best indoor climate.

Air is the source of our life, so its purity and quality are extremely important.

In today’s consumer and production society, we are increasingly exposed to pollution problems that affect our well-being and health. The leading cause of these problems is air quality.

Aero Grupp OÜ is a private company founded in 2008 based in the Estonian capital. Due to years of experience, we can confidently promise that our professional team and modern equipment allow us to offer our customers only high-quality ventilation services and long-term confidence.

We clean, maintain, measure, and adjust ventilation systems daily. In addition, we dealt with the construction of ventilation in both new and renovated apartment buildings.

What makes us unique?

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Peeter KaldaIsovent Ehitus OÜ manager
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We use Aero Group's measurement services every month. As a result, price requests are answered quickly, and work is always carried out correctly and on time, according to the times given in the schedules. If necessary, I have also received free consultations for the best solutions for regulating and distributing parts of the ventilation system. The communication of the technicians on the site has also been polite, for example, with the residents of the apartments in the renovated apartment buildings. The relationship between the price and the quality of work is in place, and I would recommend this company to others.
Olav HeinStarmaker OÜ administrative manager
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Over the years, we have developed good cooperation with Aero Grupp OÜ. It is a reliable partner. I appreciate their accuracy, correctness, and final result. The communication style is amiable; all questions are always answered. The customer's request is always met, and special features are considered.
Anvar KimaKÜ Sõprus 202 chairman of the board
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I am active in ten apartment buildings, and since the renovation of Sõprus 202, where OÜ Aero Grupp carried out the ventilation solution, I have turned to them more and more often. It is a successful and developing company that implements innovative solutions and a customer-oriented approach oriented toward the result. Communication is always correct, and agreed deadlines are adhered to when submitting offers and performing work. The price offers are comprehensive and comprehensive. The workers can be trusted and do not have to spend time on constant supervision while the work is being done.
Marko KarjusAS Estonian Cell head of energy
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Our aspen wood pulp factory is one of Estonia's most significant foreign investments. Therefore, timely maintenance of equipment, regular, precise technical inspection, and high-quality spare and consumable parts are always crucial for the successfulproduction operationn. Aero Grupp OÜ has been our cooperation partner for ten years. Our experience shows that high-quality and timely maintenance and cleaning results in savings, reliability, and safety, which are essential for a manufacturing company.