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Studies and mapping of ventilation in apartment buildings.

Ventilation studies, mapping and cleaning for older and unrenovated apartment buildings.

For apartment cooperatives that plan to renovate and design the ventilation of an apartment building, we recommend that you undertake complete cleaning of the existing ventilation with mapping.

Since the entire ventilation system is cleaned during the service, we dare to recommend it even if no other major work is planned. In this way, it is possible to track down some problems that have been causing headaches for residents for a long time.

Why is this necessary?

Good ventilation is essential in an apartment building where many people live in a small area. Bad indoor air conditions are expressed in various health problems, such as headaches, fatigue, and eye irritation.

To undertake ventilation reconstruction, you must clearly understand the current situation. This also is essential information for the designer, who can start designing a new ventilation system based on the available data to make it as efficient and compact as possible.

The result of the work saves the time of the various work executors in the quotation and planning phase, as all information is conveniently available in digital form and the need to come to the site to assess the situation disappears.

How do we do it?

Ventilation cleaning

The central flues/ducts of the ventilation chimney are cleaned from the roof, after which the apartment is headed to, where the ventilation grilles and ceilings are opened, and the ventilation ducts and bottoms are also cleaned by the condo. The cleaning service can also be ordered as a separate service!

Air movement control

With a particular measuring device, the extraction amounts of natural ventilation are checked, which also determines whether there are obstacles or blockages in the flue or everything is fine.

Mapping of the current situation

A ventilation mapping is carried out, i.e., determining which chimney flue is connected to the ventilation opening of which apartment, and various problems and circumstances that you should be paid attention to during the design and construction work are pointed out. In addition, photo material of the existing ventilation in the apartment and on the roof (if necessary, also in the attic).

Video study

A video survey of the ventilation shafts is performed, which is recorded and handed over to the client together with the document.

What happens next?

When all these works have been completed, all the necessary documentation is handed over to the apartment association and the apartment building ventilation designer, who can take into account the actual situation of the apartment building ventilation when preparing or changing the project.


  • Apartment association
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