Ventilation construction for apartment buildings

We offer construction and restoration services for different ventilation systems in apartment buildings, that are being restored all over Estonia.READ MORE »

Ventilation services for apartment buildings

We map out the current situation and devise a plan for effective improvement of the air quality in your apartment building.READ MORE »

Ventilation cleaning

Regular maintenance will keep the air clean and ensures fire safety.READ MORE »

Measuring and adjustments

Measuring and making adjustments to a ventilation system saves money and improves air quality.READ MORE »

Air is the key for life and therefore it’s cleanness and quality are utmost of importance.

In todays modern consumer and industrial society, we are exposed to pollution that affects our overall welfare and health.

Aero Grupp OÜ is a company founded on Estonian Capital in 2008. Thanks to our experience in the field we can assure to our customers  that our professional team and innovative equipment will provide the quality ventilation services and longtime assurance for those services  that they need.

We deal daily with ventilation system maintenance, cleaning, measurements and adjustments. In addition to this, we sell, install and service our AC units.

Modern equipment and technology’s

Long time knowledge and expert team

Firesafe and healthy inner climate of buildings

Respecting client wishes and opportunities

High quality with reasonable price

We honor our agreements

If you are looking for a professional and effective ventilation service together with a enjoyable customer experience, then get in touch with us.