Ventilation cleaning

Yearly cleaning will help to keep a normal air exchange, it will remove excess moisture and unpleasant smells and will improve the inner climate of the building.

Bad air conditions are the main cause of health issues. For example, they can express in the form of fatigue, headaches, irritated eyes etc. Studies have shown that over 50% of health issues are tied to stale air.

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Regular maintenance of the ventilation will help to lower the fire hazard and it will be in compliant to the fire safety requirements. Ill maintained ventilation can help the fire progress rapidly, do not take that chance!

Systems that see intensive use in about 1-3 will build up more than enough grime that can ignite during a fire and will help the fire spread more rapidly.

Estonian fire department is responsible for checking the maintenance and cleaning of ventilation systems. The ones who mistake, will get a fine.

Aero group has all the necessary equipment, manpower knowledge and experience to clean the ventilation systems. After each successful job, we issue a certification act that shows the before and after photos of the whole system. In addition to this, video recordings from inside the ventilation shafts.

Why trust this job to us?

We have more than 10 years of experience

We have the most modern technology in Estonia

We have 4 ventilation cleaning teams over Estonia

We have done more than 3000 maintenance jobs across different buildings in more than a hundred km of ventilation pipes

Are you doubting the cleanliness of your ventilation system?

We offer a FREE ventilation system analysis, where we determen the level of grime and the level of cleanliness needed.