Ventilation studies, mapping and cleaning of the system for apartment buildings.

A good ventilation is key in a situation where there are a lot of people on a small area, for example in an apartment building. Headaches, fatigue and irritation of eyes are all caused by bad ventilation.

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We suggest doing the full maintenance and mapping for apartment association who are looking into renovating the whole apartment building


Main pipes on the roof are cleaned firstly. Secondly, ventilation rests are opened inside the apartment, the ventilation shafts and bottoms are then cleaned.


Normal airflow volume is measured, it will give an understanding if everything is ok, or there is an obstruction inside the ventilation.


A mapping of the whole ventilation system will be done. All chimney flutes are mapped to different apartment ventilation inlets. Mapping points out problems and circumstances what should be looked at when building and planning a new system.

Video survey

Video survey will be done and handed over to the customer with and official act.

When all required jobs have finished. We will hand out the necessary documentation to the apartment association and the ventilation designer who then can use it as a basis of a new project or renovation the old one in accordance to the existing system.

Ventilation system mapping should be done before any construction would begin, because it is easier to solve beforehand than after rebuilding is done.

Why should you trust this job to us?

We have done a lot of different apartment buildings, which differ in size and age.

We have the latest technology that guaranties fast results and a proper service.

We like to keep out work area clean.

You will get a high-quality service with a reasonable price.

Are you looking into ways of how to improve the air quality in your apartment building?

If you feel that full maintenance package too much for your building, then we can find an alternative solution.